dinsdag 10 november 2009

At home

Should I go home still sober or
should I buy me another glass of wine and
forget about time?

maandag 9 november 2009

Black & Gold ..

Cause if you're not really here
then the stars don't even matter
Cause if you're not really here
then I don't want to be either
I wanna be next to you ..
black & gold, black & gold, black & gold ..

Memories made in the coldest winter ...

donderdag 5 november 2009


I have an obsession with strapless dresses
but my obsession with hearts is much much much bigger..
I love my hearted-bracelet-watch ..
Everything with hearts I love,
I will always be that sentimental girl I guess

next next NEXT

What is old to you, is new to the next man ..

maandag 2 november 2009

you bastard

You asked to kiss me once goodbye, but you already did ;
on somebody elses lips

knee high socks

I am wearing LOVE all day ( my ring )